This project is managed by Alexander Yuschenko*, the author of the following books about Soviet firearms:

- "Model 1891/1930 Rifle and its variations" book (2018, 700 pages);

- "Submachine guns developed by A.I Sudaev" book (2017, 304 pages);

- "M91/30 Rifles and M38/M44 Carbines in 1941-1945, Accessories and Devices" book (2016, 135 pages);

In addition to these books, Alexander has nine years of experience in the research of primary documents in military archives, has published numerous magazine articles and has participated as a consultant in book projects by other authors, in particular :

- "Mosin Rifle: History of Development and Acceptance into Service in the Russian Army" by R. N. Chumak (2017, 528 pages);

- "Tokarev semi-automatic and full auto rifles: reference and historical edition" by R. N. Chumak (first edition - 2014, 344 pages and second edition - 2018, 680 pages)

- number of as of yet unpublished books.

* The proofreading and correction of the text is made by Phillip Gorny. The author is not a native English speaker, because of this the original non edited text can contain some mistakes

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